4 Tips For Getting The Perfect Hotel Room At Check-In


If you are like many travelers, you might just provide your name at check-in and accept whatever room is given to you. However, since a lot of hotels do not actually choose and assign your room until you check in, this can be the perfect time to ask for what you want. These are a few things you may want to ask about at check-in to help ensure that you are as happy as possible with your room.

1. Ask if There are Upgrades Available

First of all, consider asking if there are any upgrades available. Depending on the hotel and how busy it is, you might be offered an affordable upgrade to a better room or even a suite. If the hotel is really slow or if you check in later in the evening, for example, the hotel might have a few nice rooms available and might even let you get them for free. Just make sure that you ask about any charges that might go along with upgrading your room so that you don't get any surprises on your bill.

2. Consider the View

In some hotels, there might not be much of a view from any of the rooms. If you are staying in a hotel that has a nice view -- such as of the city or of the ocean -- you may have to ask in order to receive a room that has the best possible view of its surroundings.

3. Consider Which Floor

It's smart to think about which floor of the hotel you would like to be on. If you don't want to worry about elevators or stairs, you may want to ask for a room on the ground floor. If you want a better view, you may want to ask for a room on a higher floor.

4. Think About the Elevators and Doors

Think about how close you would like to be to things like the elevators and the exterior doors. If you want it to be easy to get in and out of your room, for example, you may want a room that is close to these things. If you would like a room that is quieter, however, asking for a room that is farther away from these things can result in a longer walk but much less foot traffic noise when you're in your room.

In many hotels, rooms are assigned when you check into the hotel. If you ask about these four things when you do check in, you might just find that you will end up with the perfect hotel room, no matter what city you might be visiting. Keep these tips in mind next time you visit a hotel such as the Creole Inn.


9 March 2017

Finding the Right Lodging During Travel

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