Don't Be Afraid To Ask For A Different Room If You Encounter One Of These Situations


When you check into a resort hotel, such as The Breakers Hotel, and ride the elevator up to find your room, it's important that you're pleased with the room. If you're less than 100 percent thrilled, you shouldn't just shrug it off — instead, you should return to the front desk, explain the situation, and ask to have a different room. Don't view doing so as being a fussy hotel guest; hotel managers want their guests to be satisfied, and if something as simple as changing a room can be the difference between an average stay and a memorable one, the hotel staff will be glad to relocate you. Here are some situations that may compel you to ask for a different room.

Proximity To Elevator

While many hotel guests favor being close to the elevator as a matter of convenience, others may find this room placement to be less than appealing. If you're a light sleeper, for example, you might find that the noise from the elevator, as well as the voices of those waiting for it, could disrupt your slumber. This may especially be a concern if you plan on sleeping for part of the day, perhaps because you're fighting jet lag, and you want to sleep as soundly as possible. Front desk staff have almost certainly heard guests ask to change rooms based on this situation, so don't be afraid of asking.

Loud Guests Beside You

It's never a good feeling to check into your room and immediately be welcomed by the sound of a baby crying or children running around in a room beside or above you. You don't have to put up with this issue, though. Simply return to the front desk, politely explain the issue, and see if you can be placed in a different guest room. While some hotels will send an employee to ask the other guests to keep their volume down before relocating you, others will find a new room for you right away with no fuss.

View Not To Your Liking

Some resort hotel rooms have sensational views, while others do not. If you're visiting somewhere unique and you're keen on seeing a beautiful view when you push back the curtains in the morning, simply explain this desire to the hotel staff when you return to the front desk, and they'll make it happen for you. Keep in mind that some hotels charge a little extra for rooms with enhanced views, but the added cost will be worth it once you're standing at the window.


21 March 2017

Finding the Right Lodging During Travel

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