Rainy Day Games To Play With Your Children In Your Hotel Suite


Booking a suite-style room for your upcoming vacation with your family will give everyone the space they need to enjoy time at the hotel. While you might not plan to spend much time at the hotel — favoring instead to visit different tourist attractions in the area — inclement weather may unexpectedly keep you and your children in your hotel room for a few hours on a given day. It's ideal to have some tricks up your sleeve to keep the kids occupied. While swimming in the hotel pool and watching TV can pass some of the time, your children will likely enjoy the following games in the ample space of your family suite.

Hide And Go Seek

Many young children love playing hide and go seek, but this game becomes even more exciting in a new environment. At home, children may have a variety of go-to hiding spots, but your family suite will provide a wealth of new locations to keep your children engaged in this simple game. Whether it's sliding beneath a king-sized bed, standing behind floor-length curtains or crawling into a cabinet in the suite's kitchen area, your kids can play hide and go seek for a long time before needing another type of activity.

Scavenger Hunt

Just as a new environment can provide plenty of entertainment for hide and go seek, you can also use the new surroundings of your family suite to entertain your kids with a scavenger hunt. Make up a list of things that can be found in a family suite and challenge your children to locate them. Select things that are out of sight, such as a safe and an iron. If your kids are young, read out these items one by one and have the children run around to find the item in question. For older kids, write individual lists on the hotel's memo paper and give a list to each child.

I Spy

Younger children find the game of I spy to be highly entertaining, and the thrill factor increases in new environments. In a family suite at your hotel, there is no shortage of objects that you can "spy with your little eye." You can identify colors, shapes, and even individual objects that you may not have in your home. For example, you might describe a metal object with individual links — and your children would have to identify the security chain attached to the door.


29 March 2017

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