Four Reasons To Go Surfing In El Salvador


If you're considering taking a surfing vacation but aren't sure where to go, you should consider going to El Salvador. Following are just four of the many reasons why that country makes an excellent vacation destination for surfing enthusiasts and for those who simply enjoy beach vacations in beautiful places.

It's Good For Their Economy

Surf tourism is an essential component in El Salvador's economy. Visitors spend money in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, thus creating jobs for local people. Even the World Surf League has gotten in on the action -- they hold a qualifying event each January at El Salvador's famed Punta Roca.

They've Got Great Waves

Whether you're an amateur wishing to experience some of the best surfing on the planet or a professional athlete seeking to hone your skills, El Salvador has some great waves. Because virtually all of the country's coastline enjoys a southern exposure, the waters get a south-to-southwest swell that results in long, exquisite waves that many believe to be the ultimate in surfing experiences. Water temperatures also stay constant all year round, providing pleasantly warm conditions that won't have you reaching for a wetsuit even during the month of February.

It's Got Abundant Natural Beauty

Even the staunchest surfing enthusiasts enjoy getting out of the water and doing a little exploring during their visits to other countries. El Salvador provides stunning natural beauty in the form of verdant rain forests, caves, wild mountain vistas complete with volcanoes and huge waterfalls, and an immense amount of biodiversity concerning plant and animal life. If you're an ancient history buff, you'll be sure to spend hours musing among Mayan ruins. The surfing on many El Salvador beaches is said to be at its best during the morning, leaving you with plenty of time to explore.

Food, Fun, and Festivals

El Salvadoran cities offer a vibrant nightlife scene, so come prepared to dance the night away. If nightlife isn't your thing because you're rather rest up to catch the surf as early in the morning as possible, you can relax and enjoy the evening in one of the region's excellent dining spots. If you're a social type who likes to mix and mingle with other travelers as well as locals when you visit new places, you'll have a great time at El Salvador's festivals.

Please contact your local travel professional for more information on having a fabulous surfing vacation in El Salvador.


4 May 2017

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