3 Reasons to Consider a Short-Term Apartment Rental for Your Next Vacation


Whether you're a parent wanting to take advantage of your children's summer break to take the family on a long vacation, or a college student taking a break between semesters to explore a new city, summer is the perfect time for a long vacation. Once you figure out where you want to go, the next order of business is to figure out lodging. Before you book a hotel room, take a look at some reasons why you might want to consider a short-term apartment rental instead.

You Can Save Money

The average cost for a hotel room is on the rise, reaching an average high of $123.97 a day in 2016. You could easily spend more than $1000 just for a two-week stay. If you're dependent on hotel rooms for lodging, you could end up planning a shorter vacation just because staying in a hotel for extended periods of time is so pricey.

Short-term apartment rental costs vary widely depending on location and other factors, but there's a good chance that you can find a short-term lease for a month for the same or less than you would spend to stay in a hotel for a few weeks. If you want to take a long vacation, an apartment could be a much better deal.

You Can Travel in Bigger Groups

If you have a large family or want to travel with a group of friends, staying in hotels can be awkward and inconvenient, especially during a longer stay. You'll either have to spend more money on suites or additional rooms, or wind up spending your nights in uncomfortably close quarters with your traveling partners. Some hotels may not allow groups over a certain size to share one room, so even if you're comfortable being crammed into one room with a lot of people, you may not have the option.

With a short-term apartment rental, you can pay one price and get several bedrooms with doors that can be closed for privacy. A three bedroom apartment could comfortably accommodate a family with four children and two parents or a group of three couples, with everybody getting some personal space.

If you're traveling with a furry friend, like a cat or a dog, you may also find an apartment rental to be a better option. Not all apartment buildings are pet-friendly, but it's often easier to find a pet-friendly apartment building than a pet-friendly hotel.

You Can Experience the City Like a Local

Veteran travelers know that the best way to explore a city is to find out where the locals go and what they do for fun. However, hotels tend to be located in touristy areas, surrounded by tourist attractions, and populated with more fellow travelers than locals.

Finding a short-term apartment rental in a part of the city where residents live and work can help you get a feel for the city that you can't get in the tourist district. Meet the neighbors and find out what restaurants they go to and where they go for fun. Go out for a walk and find out what the residential part of the city looks like. If you're looking for an authentic experience, choosing an apartment can be a great way to get it.

Renting an apartment on a short-term lease can be a great way to help you get the most out of your vacation time. When you plan this summer's vacation, look into short-term apartment rentals in the area you plan to visit, like on websites such as http://www.daleforestapartments.com


21 June 2017

Finding the Right Lodging During Travel

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