Booking a Rustic Vacation? How to Enjoy the Country Without Roughing It


If you love the beauty of nature but aren't fond of the idea of camping, you may want to consider a more luxurious rustic retreat. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get all of nature's beauty while still getting to pamper yourself. Here are a few options to consider as you look for the perfect rustic vacation.

Book a Lodge-Style Hotel

Lodge-style hotels come with all the warmth and charm you expect from a cabin, but with more of the amenities you want. Consider looking for luxury lodge resorts and hotels before deciding on a destination. If beauty and nature is what you seek, go to where you can find it along with a lush lodge instead. It's a good idea to have a list of must-haves for any lodge you book so you can ensure your comfort throughout the stay. Here are some things to look for in a lodge or hotel:

  • Wi-Fi availability
  • Room service
  • Soaker tub or steam shower
  • On-site restaurants and bars
  • In-house spa

Hire a Private Tour Guide

Whether your vacation includes a visit to a national park or a collection of vineyards, give yourself the luxury treatment by hiring a private tour guide. A local who knows the area well can prevent you from getting lost on trails or getting stuck in an unfamiliar area. The guide can also serve as your personal concierge, providing tips for restaurants and nightlife in the area. Check with the lodge you are staying in to see if it works with any private guide companies, or consult with a travel agent to ensure you get someone who is reputable and knowledgeable.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Sitting in a helicopter might not sound like the most rustic vacation idea, but it combines a bit of luxury living with the perfect vantage point for sightseeing. You can get a bird's eye view of the terrain, whether you're staying near a lush mountain range of miles and miles of fertile farm fields. You can use this time to relax and breathe in the beauty of the scenery. Then, you can coordinate your trip to end with a dinner at an acclaimed local restaurant.

Dine Like a Local

Talk to the staff at the lodge you're staying in to get a feel for the true cuisine of the area. The concierge or front desk staff can provide you with pointers that go beyond local tourist spots to give you a taste of the true local flavor. You may discover four-star restaurants or small mom and pop operations that serve up exceptional cuisine that average tourists can't enjoy. Of course, you'll also want to look into fine dining options ahead of time so you can make reservations well in advance of your rustic luxury vacation.


25 June 2019

Finding the Right Lodging During Travel

Finding a comfortable place to stay while you're on the road may seem like an easy task, but you can't always judge a book by its cover – just because a hotel looks great on the outside doesn't mean that it offers the amenities and conveniences that you want. Luckily, there is some easy legwork you can do to ensure that the hotel you choose to lodge in is exactly the right place. I have traveled the country multiple times, and my personal experience has taught me many ways to find awesome lodging at an affordable rate, right in the vicinity that I would like to stay no matter where I happened to be. So I decided to pass the information I've learned along to people like you, right here on this blog. Enjoy!