Lodging Options That Work Well For Families With Kids


When you're traveling alone or with a partner, you don't really need a lot of space to stay. A single hotel room is more than enough space, and you can even stay in a hostel to save some cash. When kids come into the picture, though, that's a different story. Even the average hotel room can feel a bit cramped. Here are some lodging options that tend to work better when you're traveling with little ones.

Rent a hotel suite

If you're staying in a less-visited area without a lot of housing options, see if any of the hotels nearby offer suites. Basically, a suite is a small apartment. Every hotel is a little different, but it's common to have two bedrooms, a living area with a kitchenette, and a bathroom.

Having two separate bedrooms gives you a bit more privacy. You can put the kids in one and stay in the other. The ability to cook meals in your own kitchen will save you a small fortune when you have so many mouths to feed. However, you still have the convenience of booking with a hotel, having a front desk person to answer questions, and knowing that all basic amenities will be provided.

Rent a house

More and more, people are beginning to sublet their houses to vacationers for short periods when they're out of town or temporarily staying in another city. There are several listing websites online where you can find and book these apartments.

This option gives you a little more freedom than staying in a hotel suite, and it is often a cheaper option. However, the amenities offered vary. You may need to bring your own towels, take out the trash, and clean the place before you go. You won't have to be worried about your kids making noise and disturbing other guests like you would at a hotel, though. And there may be a yard for them to play in.


See if there is a campground near your destination. Even if you do not have a tent or RV, most campgrounds rent cabins. There will be plenty of space for you to all spread out, and camping is an experience the kids won't soon forget. You can have fires at night, go for hikes in the woods, and generally spend time in nature. Cook over a campfire to save money on meals. The kids will be so tired at night that they won't mind sleeping in cots or on air mattresses.

When you have kids, it pays to get creative with lodging. The options above give you more space than a traditional hotel room, and they'll lead to a more fun experience, too.


19 June 2020

Finding the Right Lodging During Travel

Finding a comfortable place to stay while you're on the road may seem like an easy task, but you can't always judge a book by its cover – just because a hotel looks great on the outside doesn't mean that it offers the amenities and conveniences that you want. Luckily, there is some easy legwork you can do to ensure that the hotel you choose to lodge in is exactly the right place. I have traveled the country multiple times, and my personal experience has taught me many ways to find awesome lodging at an affordable rate, right in the vicinity that I would like to stay no matter where I happened to be. So I decided to pass the information I've learned along to people like you, right here on this blog. Enjoy!