Pandemic Travel: What You Need To Know Before Checking Into A Hotel


While the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in some travel restrictions, many people are finding that now is a great time to take a vacation, thanks to lower airfares and hotel rates. However, in the interest of keeping guests and staff both safe and healthy, hotels have been forced to make some changes. Below, you will learn more about what you can expect when checking into a hotel during the pandemic.

Be Prepared To Wear A Mask In Common Areas

While there is not currently a nationwide mask mandate in place, many states and local governments have issued their own mask mandates. These mandates typically require all adults to wear a facial covering when visiting an indoor public space. 

While you will not need to wear a mask when in the privacy of your hotel room, you will need to be prepared to put it on each time you leave the room even if you are just going to get some ice from the machine or are simply walking through the lobby for the purpose of exiting the hotel.

Not All Amenities May Be Available

If you enjoy staying in a hotel because of all the amenities that these establishments provide, you may be disappointed to find that several common amenities are not currently being offered due to pandemic-related restrictions. For instance, most hotels have been forced to temporarily close pools, hot tubs, and gyms because of local ordinances that restrict the public use of such facilities. 

Many hotels that typically offer breakfast as part of your stay have also been forced to stop offering this particular service. This is especially true in hotels that rely on a buffet-style breakfast bar for serving guests. However, some higher-end hotels have replaced their normal breakfast service with the ability to receive room service each morning without additional charges on top of your daily rate.

Strict Enforcement Of Rules Regarding Number Of Guests

Local ordinances vary dramatically regarding the capacity at which businesses are able to remain open during the pandemic. However, one thing that remains the same from one location to the next is that hotels and other businesses can face serious fines or even lose their business licenses if they fail to comply with local regulations regarding the number of people they have on-site at any given time. Consequently, hotels have been forced to become much stricter with their policies regarding the number of guests that are allowed in each room at any given time. If you are traveling with several other people, this may mean the need to book more than one room.

To learn more about what coronavirus rules there are, contact a hotel in your planned vacation location.


26 February 2021

Finding the Right Lodging During Travel

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