Reasons To Choose A Hotel That Has Outdoor Meeting Space


Many hotels have multiple types of indoor meeting spaces. For example, it's easy to find a hotel that has one or more conference rooms, as well as semi-formal lounge spaces that you can use for casual work events. If you're planning to hold an upcoming meeting, it can be worthwhile to see which hotel properties also have outdoor meeting space available. Your company might use this space for a daylong meeting one day, and another group may book it for a party a day or two later. Here are some reasons to choose a hotel that has outdoor meeting space.

It Provides A Unique Environment

A lot of companies book meeting space at hotels as a way of getting their team out of the office. Some people believe that time away from the familiar surroundings of the office may help with employee bonding and even creativity, for example. While indoor meeting space can be suitable, don't overlook the uniqueness of an outdoor space. There's a good chance that some of your employees won't likely have participated in an outdoor meeting in the past, and they'll appreciate the different surroundings that an outdoor space offers. As such, you will want to consider meeting at a hotel with available outdoor space.

It Can Feel More Casual

Some boardroom-style spaces can feel formal, which can make them a good fit for all sorts of meetings. There are other times, however, that you may want more of a casual environment for your team. For example, if you're getting together with your employees to have a group brainstorming session, casual surroundings can work well. Instead of requesting that the outdoor meeting space be set up with boardroom tables and chairs, you can have the hotel staff place patio furniture in a circle to encourage conversation among your group.

It Works Well For Post-Meeting Gatherings

You may want to arrange a daylong meeting for your team, followed by a festive gathering. For example, you might get together to discuss your company's goals for the next quarter, and then celebrate successes with a barbecue and some drinks. A stylish outdoor meeting space at a local hotel can work well for this dual-purpose outing. The hotel staff can set up the outdoor space for your meeting, and then move the tables and chairs out and bring comfier furniture such as outdoor couches and bistro tables for the post-meeting gathering that runs into the evening.

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4 May 2021

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