Staying in a Hotel With Kids: 4 Tips


Staying in a hotel with kids can be quite different from staying in a hotel alone or with your partner. It probably won't be the quietest experience, but it can still be fun for all involved, particularly if you follow the tips below.

Consider Booking Two Adjoining Rooms

Having a little more space to spread out can make a hotel stay with kids so much more enjoyable. However, you can't exactly put your kids in a separate hotel room from yourself. A good alternative is to book two rooms that adjoin each other. You may have to call the hotel directly, rather than booking online, to ensure the rooms you reserve are adjoining. Once at the hotel, you can open the door between the rooms, doubling the space that you and the kids have. This plan also tends to ensure everyone gets their own bed, which can keep kids from arguing when everyone goes to bed at night.

Talk to Your Kids About Hotel Etiquette Beforehand

Before you even arrive at the hotel, have a talk with your kids about the proper way to behave once you're there. Make sure they know they need to be quiet to avoid disturbing other guests. Talk about treating the bathroom, beds, and other amenities as they would their own at home. This tends to result in better behavior once they're in the hotel, which leads to a more peaceful stay for everyone.

Pay for the Extra Streaming Service or Extra Channels

Most hotel rooms have televisions, but you may need to pay a small extra fee for access to a streaming service or extra channels. When you have kids, paying this extra fee is almost always worth it. Having a good show to watch will help everyone unwind at night, and it will give you a way to keep the kids occupied and happy while you do things like get dressed.

Look for a Hotel That Offers Things to Do

When shopping around for a hotel, try to pick one with some amenities that appeal to kids. A hotel with a pool, a playground, or even a garden area where you can walk is a good choice. This gives you all an easy way to get out of the room when you need more space.

Staying in a hotel with kids is not always easy, but it can certainly still be an enjoyable experience with the tips above.


25 February 2022

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