Moving Across The Country? 4 Tips To Consider With Pet-Friendly Hotels


When moving locally or within your state, you may feel comfortable driving from your old home to your new one in a single. However, moving across the country can make this more difficult because you will likely need to dedicate multiple days to get there safely with your family.

While finding suitable hotels is easy for some people, you may have multiple pets. So, you must stay at pet-friendly hotels throughout the moving experience. An excellent plan is to learn about these hotels while planning the move to guarantee a positive outcome. 

Number of Pets

A common rule regarding pets in hotels is how many are allowed. These rules are often per room, whether it limits guests to one, two, three, or more pets. As you increase the total pet count, you will gradually find it more difficult to find a hotel. However, you can often alleviate this issue by renting several rooms when your total pet count exceeds the room limit.

While you can find these details, rules, and restrictions on hotel websites, you can also call each hotel to get the most accurate and recent pet information.

Pet Types

When you check out different hotels, you may notice that some restrict pet types. A great example is allowing dogs but not accepting cats. Fortunately, you will know precisely what pets you plan on bringing and can prioritize hotels that you know will accept all your animals.

Small animals, such as mice, hamsters, and rats, are sometimes harder to find information on. In this situation, you want to contact the most promising hotels to learn more. An ideal outcome is finding out enough to feel fully confident about each hotel stay during the move.

Pet Fees

Whether setting a budget for the move or only calculating expenses together to understand the final cost, you will benefit from learning about pet-related fees. The tricky part is getting the best value because you must compare pet costs alongside the nightly rate. A hotel with pet fees may be lower in cost than one without pet fees because of lower costs elsewhere.


Although you may only stay one night in each hotel throughout the move, you will still find it helpful to learn about what each hotel offers regarding pets. An excellent example is a hotel offering blankets, bowls, crates, or treats, all of which can improve your hotel stay. You might want treats after running out of them on the final night or blankets to keep a hairless pet warm.

Use these tips to stay at pet-friendly hotels.


12 December 2022

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