What To Look For In A Cabernet Hotel Package For The Wine Lover


You may be a wine lover and love to try different vintages across the spectrum. You also might enjoy taking a much-needed relaxing trip as the days get cooler or perhaps during the so-called off-season. 

If you are looking for something a little different for your next trip, why not book a relaxing vacation in wine country? You have several choices across the country where wine is grown with Napa Valley being one of the most popular. Here is what to look for in a Cabernet hotel package that just might suit your wine taste.

Wine Tours Of Local Wineries 

One of the best perks of booking a Cabernet hotel package is, many of them feature tours of the local wineries. Hotels will differ on the type of wine tours they offer, but the majority will have a guided walking tour of the vines where you can learn about the different grapes they grow. They will explain how each type of grape gives each wine vintage its flavor.

You will also get a tour of the winery's inner workings and where the vinting process happens. At the end of the tour, many wineries will offer a meal and a wine tasting of their best wines. 

Often included in a Cabernet hotel package will be gift baskets that you will receive either from the winery or receive back at the hotel after your tour so you can enjoy the winery's vintages long after the tour is over.

Take Tours Of The Surrounding Area

While taking a winery tour is usually a highlight of any Cabernet hotel package, you can get tours of the surrounding area too. If you are a nature lover, you might enjoy a hike or bike ride in the countryside. Most hotels in wine country are located near beautiful parks where your guide can fill you in on the history of the area.

You can also tour the shopping district. Many wine country hotels offer coupons and discounts to popular stores and restaurants so you can buy souvenirs of your time here, and enjoy a meal on the town.

Spa Packages

If you are looking for relaxation and to be pampered while away, you can find a Cabernet hotel package that also offers spa packages. This can be a great way to treat yourself while on vacation. You can enjoy a massage, steam bath, or even a facial after a winery tour, wine tasting, or a long hike amongst the trees.

Spa packages often include tastings of the hotel's best wine selections along with sandwiches, a fruit platter, and delicious lunch or dinner once your spa day is complete.


9 March 2023

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