Moving Across The Country? 4 Tips To Consider With Pet-Friendly Hotels


When moving locally or within your state, you may feel comfortable driving from your old home to your new one in a single. However, moving across the country can make this more difficult because you will likely need to dedicate multiple days to get there safely with your family. While finding suitable hotels is easy for some people, you may have multiple pets. So, you must stay at pet-friendly hotels throughout the moving experience.

12 December 2022

Tips to Book a Hotel Stay within Your Budget


You may be planning to book a hotel stay but don't necessarily want to buy an entire package deal for a vacation. You might not need plane tickets or anything else that comes with package deals. You might think that the only way to get good deals on a hotel reservation is to go through a travel agent, but this isn't always the case. Here are some tips to book a hotel stay within your budget so that you can enjoy your time away.

29 September 2022

Enjoy Your Next Vacation: Why Stay At A Gay Hotel


If you like to travel, but you're tired of the hetero-friendly hotels, it's time for a change. It's time to stay at a gay hotel. One of the great things about staying at a gay hotel is that they focus on the LGBTQ+ community. But, there are other reasons to stay at a gay hotel. The list below highlights four great reasons to stay at a gay hotel on your next vacation.

19 July 2022

3 Benefits Of Renting An Aparthotel


Since housing is one of the most important human needs, you want to ensure you invest in a housing solution that supports your lifestyle and allows you to lead a fulfilling life. For a long time, what most people have been focused on has been becoming homeowners. And while owning a residential property is a massive achievement, it's not the only viable housing solution for all.  If you want a nourishing residential space without the responsibility of owning a home, you should consider exploring aparthotels.

18 May 2022

Staying in a Hotel With Kids: 4 Tips


Staying in a hotel with kids can be quite different from staying in a hotel alone or with your partner. It probably won't be the quietest experience, but it can still be fun for all involved, particularly if you follow the tips below. Consider Booking Two Adjoining Rooms Having a little more space to spread out can make a hotel stay with kids so much more enjoyable. However, you can't exactly put your kids in a separate hotel room from yourself.

25 February 2022