Ideal Times To Consider Booking Vacation Rentals For Your Group


While booking a vacation rental through a place like ​​​Blind Bay Hideaway, LTD. can be perfect for a quiet getaway with your spouse or a vacation with your children, there are a number of other times to consider this form of accommodations. If you're planning a trip with a large group, traditional hotel accommodations might be your first thought — but it's worthwhile to also give some consideration to a vacation rental.

25 April 2017

Tips To Help Make Your Hotel Stay More Relaxing


When you're traveling, a vacation can sometimes be more stressful than relaxing. Driving from place to place in unfamiliar areas, dealing with traffic, keeping up with the constant go-go-going on your trip, plus the time you spend at your hotel without having the usual comforts of home can all add up to stress. See below for some helpful tips and hacks to use when staying at your hotel to help make your stay a little more relaxing.

11 April 2017

Rainy Day Games To Play With Your Children In Your Hotel Suite


Booking a suite-style room for your upcoming vacation with your family will give everyone the space they need to enjoy time at the hotel. While you might not plan to spend much time at the hotel — favoring instead to visit different tourist attractions in the area — inclement weather may unexpectedly keep you and your children in your hotel room for a few hours on a given day. It's ideal to have some tricks up your sleeve to keep the kids occupied.

29 March 2017

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For A Different Room If You Encounter One Of These Situations


When you check into a resort hotel, such as The Breakers Hotel, and ride the elevator up to find your room, it's important that you're pleased with the room. If you're less than 100 percent thrilled, you shouldn't just shrug it off — instead, you should return to the front desk, explain the situation, and ask to have a different room. Don't view doing so as being a fussy hotel guest; hotel managers want their guests to be satisfied, and if something as simple as changing a room can be the difference between an average stay and a memorable one, the hotel staff will be glad to relocate you.

21 March 2017

4 Tips For Getting The Perfect Hotel Room At Check-In


If you are like many travelers, you might just provide your name at check-in and accept whatever room is given to you. However, since a lot of hotels do not actually choose and assign your room until you check in, this can be the perfect time to ask for what you want. These are a few things you may want to ask about at check-in to help ensure that you are as happy as possible with your room.

9 March 2017

3 Devices That Will Make Your Next Hotel Stay More Comfortable


When it comes to packing for a hotel stay, many people know the value of taking their own pillow and even an air freshener from home. The pillow will make sleeping more comfortable, while the air freshener will make your room smell like home—which is valuable if you often have trouble sleeping elsewhere. These aren't the only devices to take on your trip. Some online shopping can help you gather three other specific devices that you can use for a variety of purposes to contribute to the comfort of your hotel stay.

15 February 2017

3 Amazing Ways to Entertain Your Kids on the Southern Oregon Coast


From quaint beach towns to impressive shopping districts, there are a lot of things about the Southern Oregon coast that might make it appealing when planning your next vacation. However, if you're taking a family vacation, you also have to consider whether or not your preferred vacation spot offers fun activities for kids as well as adults. When it comes to Southern Oregon, you're in luck – there are plenty of can't-miss attractions and activities that will delight your kids during your stay.

29 April 2016

Three Tips For Hosting Your Wedding In A Hotel Conference Room


As you search for the ideal spot for your wedding festivities, consider the conference room of a hotel. Hotel conference rooms are spacious and versatile, enabling you to adjust the space for your wedding. You may be able to hold your reception and ceremony in a single spot, or you can rent the room just for your reception. Follow these simple tips when using a hotel conference room for your event.

22 April 2016

The World's Best Place To Retire: Why Is It Ecuador?


If you keep an eye on the latest news, then you may have seen that Ecuador was recently named the best place in the world to retire. You may wonder why Ecuador was chosen and what it really has to offer retirees that other, often more luxurious-sounding, countries do not. Although you may initially scoff at the idea of retiring in this somewhat small country that doesn't seem to have the initial appeal of a country like France or Greece, once you realize what Ecuador really has to offer retirees, you may quickly realize that living in Ecuador is a much better idea than it may initially sound.

6 July 2015